Delivery of Elementary and Junior High School Admission Notification Letter

Suita City Board of Education will send a School Admission Notification Letter, until 31 January 2023, to households with children who will enter public elementary or junior high school in Suita in April 2023. Those who receive the notification letter and satisfy at least one condition from (1) to (4) need to complete further procedures.

■Eligible Applicants
Suita City Public Elementary School: those who were born from 2 April 2016 until 1 April 2017
Suita City Public Junior High School: those who were born from 2 April 2010 until 1 April 2011

■Those who Need to Complete Further Procedures
(1)Those with foreign nationalities who will attend a public school.
(2)Those who will enter or transfer to a different private or public school.
(3)Those who live in Suita City whose registered addresses are different from their actual ones and will enter a public elementary school within the school district where they live.
(4)Those who have decided to transfer schools in a different school district but are not able to transfer at the start of the new (Japanese) academic year and thus wish to transfer schools in advance.

■Department in Charge
Suita City Board of Education, School Affairs Division
Address: Suita-shi Asahimachi 3-402
Telephone: 06-6155-8195

Please contact Suita Multilingual One Stop Consultation Center for further inquiries.

English / 英語
吹田市多文化共生ワンストップ相談センター Suita Multilingual One stop Consultation Center
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