Watch out for Influenza

Influenza is spreading in Osaka Prefecture. Let’s prevent it by washing the hands, gargling and wearing a mask.

①Influenza Vaccination for Elderly
The following eligible people can receive the influenza vaccination for 1,500 yen.
※A Checkup form for free vaccination was sent at the end of September for those household whose municipal tax is exempted, as well as, those who are in public assistance.

(1) Those aged 65 years or older
(2) Those aged 60 to 64 with impaired function of heart, kidney, respiratory organs, or immune system due to human immunodeficiency virus, and with Level 1 of the disability certificate.

■Vaccination Period
From Sunday, October 1 to Sunday, December 31, 2023

1,500 yen


②Influenza Vaccination for Junior High School Grade 3 Students
The fee for influenza vaccination will be partially subsidized for junior high school grade 3 students. To those eligible, a notification was sent at the end of September.

■Period of Vaccination
Sun, October 1, 2023 to Wed, January 31, 2024

■Subsidy Amount
2,000 yen


Department of Health and Medical Care ; Community Health Division

Please contact Suita Multilingual One Stop Consultation Center for further inquiries.

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