Special Provisions for National Health Insurers During School

In principle, students are required to enroll in National Health Insurance at the city of their residence.
However, students living in other city, who receives financial support from parents living in Suita City, can continue to use Suita City’s insurance until the day of graduation by completing the necessary procedures.

■Required Documents
(1) Certificate of enrollment (student ID card is acceptable)
(2) Identification documents (My number card, driver’s license, passport, etc.)

■Period of Application
Within 14 days from the date of change of address

■Application Counter
Please bring the required documents to the following counter.
National Health Insurance Section, Suita City Hall (counter 111 on the 1st floor of the low building)


Department of Health and Medical Care, National Health Insurance Division

Please contact Suita Multilingual One Stop Consultation Center for further inquiries.

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吹田市多文化共生ワンストップ相談センター Suita Multilingual One stop Consultation Center
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