Consultant Service with Experts for Foreigners

The Consultation Center offers regular consultation days with specialists.You can consult with a specialist in your own language.
Free of charge. Confidential. Online is also available.
Japanese people who have connections with foreigners can also consult.
※It’s necessary to make an appointment.

★Consultation on daily life concerns is also available.

■About labour, wage, etc.(Labour and Social Security Attorney)
Date: Julyl 9, 2024(Tue)
Time: 1pm to 4pm

Reservations can be made from day one of the previous month.
・TEL 06-6835-1770
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Suita International Friendship Association/SIFA
Direct connection from Minami-Senri Station on Hankyu Senri Line

English / 英語
吹田市多文化共生ワンストップ相談センター Suita Multilingual One stop Consultation Center
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