Be Careful of Typhoons and Earthquakes

Typhoons and earthquakes are becoming more frequent across the country.
It is important to prepare in advance for disasters, as well as to check the steps for evacuation.

■Disaster Preparedness Guide
This is a one-volume guide with information on disaster prevention. It includes information on what to do in case of disaster, what to prepare in advance, and also it contains a map showing dangerous areas.

(1) Disaster Preparedness Guide (Japanese)
(2) Disaster Preparedness Guide (English)
(3) Disaster Preparedness Guide (Chinese)
(4) Disaster Preparedness Guide (Korean)

■Information on Disasters
You can check the following websites (1) and (2) for information on disasters.
The latest information on weather, seismic intensity, river flooding, open evacuation centers, etc. can be found in many languages.

(1) Japan Meteorological Agency
(2) Osaka Disaster Prevention Net (Osaka Bousai Net)

For more details, please check the homepage.


General Affairs Department; Crisis Management Section

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