Would you Like to Attend the Night Junior High School (yakanchugako)?

Those who, for various reasons,were not able to graduate neither from elementary nor junior high school, or who have graduated, but have not received a sufficient education in Junior High School, may apply for “Night Junior High School”.

(1)Those who have not graduated from elementary or junior high school as of April 1, 2023
(2)Those whose age is 15 years old or older, graduated from junior high school without adequate education.
*People living in Osaka Prefecture are eligible for admission.
*Foreign nationals are also eligible for admission.

■Enrollment Period
Applications for September enrollment of the 2023 school year, will be accepted from the beginning of the second semester of the respective schools until September 8 (Fri).
However, applications cannot be accepted on school holidays (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays).

■Tuition fee
Free of charge

School hours start from 5pm to 9pm, from Monday to Friday.
※You can start learning from Hiragana.


(1)Toyonaka City Dai 4 Junior High School, Night Class
4-5-7 Hattori Honmachi, Toyonaka, Osaka
TEL: 06-6863-6744
(2)Moriguchi City Satsuki Gakuen, Night Class
13-26 Kasuga-cho, Moriguchi, Osaka
TEL: 06-6991-0637
(3)Osaka City Tenma Junior High School, Night Class
12-9 Kamiyama-cho, Osaka Kita-ku, Osaka
TEL: 06-6312-8462

If you are looking for other night classes rather than (1)-(3) above, please contact the department in charge below.

■Department in charge
Department of School Education, School Education Section
Address: 3-415 Asahimachi, Suita-shi, Osaka (4th floor of Sankusu 3-bankan)
TEL: 06-6155-8207

Please contact Suita Multilingual One Stop Consultation Center for further inquiries.

English / 英語
吹田市多文化共生ワンストップ相談センター Suita Multilingual One stop Consultation Center
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