High School Study Financial Support System

The subsidy will be provided to those who are currently enrolled in upper secondary schools(※) as of April 2024 for the purchase of books and other materials for study.
※ High schools including correspondence high schools, special support schools, technical colleges (up to the third grade), upper secondary courses of special training colleges, etc.

Those who meet all of the conditions from (1) to (5)
(1)Parents or guardians of high school students enrolled in a high school, etc.
(2)Parents or the applicant must be a resident of Suita City
(3)The high school student in (1), in principle, must be enrolled in a high school, etc. by the age of 17
(4)The applicant must not be receiving public assistance payments
(5)The total household income for the year 2023 must be less than the aproved standard amount. All members of the household must be exempt from city income tax.

■Application Period
April 1 (Monday) to May 25 (Saturday), 2024

■ How to Apply
Choose one of the 3 methods of application that follows.
(1)Online application
(2)By Mail (via special registered mail service (tokutei kiroku) or normal registered mail service(kan’i kakitome))
(3)In-person at counter (weekday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.)
Address:〒564-0027 Suita-shi Asahimachi 3-402 Suita City Board of Education / School Affairs Division.

■Required Documents
(1) Schooling Financial Support Application Form for Upper Secondary Schools in Suita
(2) Documents regarding the household income


Department of School Education, School Affairs Division
Telephone: 06-6155-8196

If you have any questions, please contact the Suita Multilingual One Stop Consultation Center.

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